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Ledger Blue, Bitcoin hardware wallet. Features, price and where to buy it

Features of the Ledger Blue hardware wallet for Bitcoin and other cryptovalutes. For companies and shops the bank at home.


Credits: Ledgerwallet.com.

Ledger Blue is the French Ledger hardware wallet. A technology concentration that makes you want to try it at least once. As large as a 3.5-inch scratch-proof smartphone, it guarantees maximum security for a hot wallet. Unlike Ledger Nano S, you manage founds with a finger, navigating the intuitive Ledger operating system icon interface. Ledger Blue supports many criptocurrencies, including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash, Zcash.

Thanks to 2-factor certified FIDO 2FA authentication and integrated NFC technology, access online services such as Google, Dropbox, Paypal, Samsung Pay and many more at a glance, saying goodbye to passwords. Ledger Blue is sold at the price of €274.80 including VAT, available on purchase on the official website www.ledgerwallet.com.

All the other features are described below and at the bottom of the article you will find the presentation video.

- The Ledger Blue welcome to the user. -

Ledger Blue Bitcoin hardware wallet: features

Ledger Blue is a wallet hardware that fits in with the needs of private customers, such as the high demand for security from online businesses and stores that accept merchandise payments with multiple criptovalutes. The system security is guaranteed by the Ledger BOLOS operating system, with "pond compartment" architecture, making apps work isolated from each other. Security is not just software. The two ST31 Secure Element processors and STM32 microcontrollers guarantee system integrity and isolation even from a physical point of view.

Evidence of malware and hackers

The operating system is designed to prevent access to malware and viruses, sting so-called "man-in-the-middle attacks" (MITM) and provides proof of presence. If you have a business that accepts payments in cryptocurrencies, it's like having a bank at your home. Customer payments arrive directly on the hot wallet multi-currency hardware.

The criptocurrency sending transactions send them directly from the device display in an isolated digital environment that increases security (see the video below).

Backup and password

Backups occur on a recovery archive and thanks to the recovery sheet found in the package, funds are always safe. The login password, from 4 to 8 PINs, guarantees the unavailability of the money even if the device is lost.

- Blue Ledger asks you to enter the PIN. -

Features in detail

  • Battery from 500mA LiPo.
  • USB 2.0 full speed port, Bluetooth low energy 4.1, NFC.
  • Supports Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Chrome OS operating systems.
  • 3.5 "color touch screen scanner, 320x480 pixels, backlit.
  • Upgrading the firmware free.
  • Secure Element EAL6+ / ST31.
  • Integrated BOLOS operating system.
  • PIN from 4 to 8.

Ledger Blue presentation video


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