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Growing waiting for Zcash. Genesis Mining preorder starts to undermine

Zcash is ready at the starting line. From October 28 it will undermine. Genesis Mining is ready with dedicated resources in preorder.


Credits: www.genesis-mining.com

Keenly awaiting the launch of the new currency Zcash, designed to be completely anonymous it has been developed by a team in which are working members of the Bitcoin Foundation and the developer of Ethereum. The Zcash transactions will not be visible on blockchain as with bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency. Only the sender and who he will be able to see the sending address and the amount of money sent, thanks to a digital key. A step towards the complete confidentiality of the peer-to-peer transactions between individuals, between companies, and between private and companies.

Zcash uses the algorithm Equihash and will be able to undermine it as of October 28, 2016, day of the official launch. 21 million Zcash available and as always the lucky ones will be the first. Its validity is also supported by the Genesis Mining Mining cloud: Available immediately for customers and new customers, a preorder of hardware resources to undermine Zcash.

Where undermine Zcash?

Currently the first cloud to mining have already prepared to undermine Zcash is Genesis Mining. His confidence in the currency is certainly investors and hope to those who are looking for new crypto valid currencies and able to earn.

The contracts planned are for one year and will use GPU optimized to undermine the Equihash algorithm. It starts from 0.1H/s to arrive at 500H/s. What follows is an example of possible purchases.

  • Starter Contract: 29 USD, 0.1 H/s.
  • Advanced Contract: 280 USD, 1 H/s.
  • Professional Contract: 2600 USD, 10 H/s.

Genesis Mining warns that the available resources are limited. Those interested should hurry to decide, otherwise it may not take advantage of the first hours of the coin generation: usually the best.

How to begin to undermine Zcash?

Visit the site www.genesis-mining.com and register if you are new customer. Enter the 'Upgrade Hashpower' and select the amount of power you need to buy. Place your order and, in the process of purchase, do not forget to use the discount code 3%: 6BEuQe.


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