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Black Friday. HashFlare launches the year-end balances: -42%

Great opportunity to invest in Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, Zcash, thanks to the big discount

The Black Friday a breath of positive air on hashpower prices. HashFlare applies a 42% limited time discount.


Credits: www.hashflare.io

On the occasion of Black Friday, HashFlare.io performs the year-end balances. A mega discount on all types of hashpower marketed by the European cloud mining. The discounts reaching 42%. With a discount like that, the initial investment is quickly and HashFlare estimates a 170% gain on initial capital invested.

The year-end balances last until Sunday, November 27, 2016, but, for some resources, such as Zcash, you better hurry because they are limited.

What does HashFlare

The selection of resources to undermine the crypto most common coins is wide on HashFlare: SHA-256, scrypt, X11 for DASH coin, Ethash for Ethereum and the newest Equihash to undermine Zcash. Do not lacks virtually nothing in the European cloud mining based in Tallin in Estonia.

October 26, 2016, thanks to technological upgrades in data centers, power consumption has been reduced by 11% and consequently the users commissions.

The company is very active and present in the world of Blockchain technology. It has recently participated in the Conference on Bitcoin held in Moscow on November 10 and will attend other meetings such as the Conference dedicated to Blockchain which will be held in Abu Dhabi.

How to take advantage of the Black Friday discount

To not lose the discount of up to 42%, just click this link to the HashFlare site and register. There isn't a discount code to enter, all contracts are already discounted. For an example of the discounts applied, look at the image below.

- Price list discounted -


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