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The zcash return on the HashFlare cloud mining

Zcash contracts on HashFlare cloud mining back to 11 months after the birth of the anonymous cryptocurrency. The new price.


Photo: hashflare.io.

The ability to make zcash mining returns to the HashFlare cloud mining after a long absence. About 11 months after the launch of ZEC, HashFlare makes available anonymous criptocurrency for $2 a 1 MH/s, 1 year contract and 0 commission for maintenance and electricity. All info on the website www.hashflare.io.

- Zcash contract price on HashFlare. -

On cloud mining, previous zcash contracts are expiring

In fact, the zcash contracts entered into a year ago are expiring. So HashFlare anticipates the times and makes available new equipment for those who are interested in extracting cryptovalue based on the equihash algorithm, which is "resistant" to ASICs while it is possible to do mining with GPUs.

Not just zcash. Also back bitcoin and low prices on dash and litecoin

Bitcoin contracts also come back, while those who make new litecoin contracts and dash will pay less. Here are the new prices at a glance:

  • SHA-256 (bitcoin) — 1,50 USD for 10 GH/s;
  • SCRYPT (litecoin) — 7,50 USD for 1 MH/s;
  • DASH — 3,20 USD for 1 MH/s;
  • ZCASH — 2 USD for 1 MH/s.


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