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Moon Cash Faucet Coinpot: how it works and how to register

Free Bitcoin Cash on the new Moon Cash Faucet Coinpot. Here's how you register and how you transfer BCHs to your portfolio.


Credits: MoonCash.

Well yes, finally there is Moon Cash Faucet Coinpot. One of the most profitable cryptocurrency faucets on the web. The faucets, considered by some as a waste of time, others have succeeded in making them become small sources of income. Especially in the poorest countries on the planet, where even 1 dollar a week can make a big difference.

And now let's see how to register with Moon Cash to earn free bitcoins cash. Go in a hurry? Ok, this is the website: http://moonbitcoin.cash. The explanation starts below.

Register in 3 quick steps on Moon Cash Faucet

  1. Visit the website http://moonbitcoin.cash.
  2. Click 'Sign in'.
  3. Enter your e-mail address and click on 'Sign in' again. Done!

- Registration phase on MoonCash. -

How Moon Cash Faucet Coinpot works

Moon Cash faucet of the Coinpot micro wallet is a cash bitcoin tap. Every 5 minutes releases a certain amount of BCH that ends up in an off-chain portfolio on Coinpot. It provides an incremental loyalty bonus for each day you spend on the site to collect. But remember to do it every day, otherwise the loyalty counter goes back to zero.

From Coinpot you can move BCHs to your personal bitcoin cash wallet, such as a Ledger wallet hardware that supports BCH.

Alternatively you can move the cash bitcoins earned on Moon Cash faucet at any exchange and exchange with other cryptocurrencies or euros. On the exchange www.cex.io you can exchange the bitcoin cash earned in free on MoonCash in euros.

How to register on Moon Cash faucet

Visit the website http://moonbitcoin.cash, click on 'Sign in' and enter the e-mail address you usually use on Coinpot. If you are not registered on Coinpot yet, do not worry. Just use the same email address to register and the cash bitcoins earned on Moon Cash faucet will appear automatically.

- Enter your e-mail address to register with Moon Cash. -

How to redeem free Bitcoin Cash

To redeem free cash bitcoins earned on Moon Cash faucet, go to coinpot.co, log in with the same email and click on Bitcoin Cash from the main panel.

You must now click on 'withdraw bitcoin cash ...' and follow the instructions given. You need a bitcoin cash address of your personal wallet or of the exchange where you want to deposit them and then remember to put the password to confirm the withdrawal. Receive an email for a further confirmation of withdrawal. Click the link in the email and at this point the procedure is finished. Wait until the cash bitcoins won on Moon Cash Faucet Coinpot arrive in your personal wallet.

- Withdrawal phase of Bitcoin Cash. -

All the other Moon faucet

Moon Cash or Moon Bitcoin Cash is not the only Moon family's faucet. There are also others that you list below. Sign up and earn a lot more by collecting cryptocurrencies for free every 5 minutes. Open them in different browser tabs and collect as many as you can.


This is all about Coin Cash's faucet of Coinpot. But know that on FaucetHub there are 95 faucets of bitcoin cash waiting for you. Find out how to collect BCH for free even from there.

And if you are a true bitcoin cash lover, then you can not really miss the free AirDrips BCHs.


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