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Interview with the Cryptopay team: from Digital Wallet to Bitcoin Brokerage

Read the interview with the Cryptopay team, the digital wallet of BTC, LTC and XRP, with a credit card. Soon it will become a Bitcoin Brokerage.

Credits: Cryptopay.me - ICE London 2018.

Recently I had the opportunity to write in depth about Cryptopay, a service company linked to cryptocurrencies, and the innovative tools that it is implementing in favor of customers. A significant acceleration was made by the ICO, whose investment collection distributed over 60 million CPAY tokens, which can now also be purchased at the exchange.

The Cryptopay team answered some of my questions asked to allow readers to get to know the project more closely. Below is the full interview.

Interview with the Cryptopay team

People have understood the potential of cryptocurrencies and no longer seek a simple wallet to store bitcoins or XRP, for example. They want an integrated exchange, payment instruments, etc. What is Cryptopay doing for these people?

Well, we keep expanding our service in order to meet the community's different desires. We began as a payment gateway allowing companies to easily and safely accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. From there we developed into a digital wallet and then a prepaid card provider and now users can buy cryptocurrencies with their debit and credit cards. As our company progressed, it also expanded to support other cryptocurrencies and we plan to release even more innovative services such as Bitcoin Brokerage. If you’d like to see how Cryptopay has developed over the years you should definitely take a look at our Post-ICO webpage.


About the Cryptopay wallet. The portfolio supports bitcoin, litecoin, XRP and fiat currencies. In the near future, do you plan to add other cryptocurrencies?

Of course! ETH will be joining our service very soon. It will not only be integrate to our wallet, but users will be able buy it directly by linking their credit or debit card. We’ll let the community know once it’s ready, in the meantime if you’d like to stay updated about all things regarding Cryptopay, I recommend you to join our TG channel.


What are the securities that the user can rely on using the desktop version and the mobile version of Cryptopay?

Well, there are two main elements that the user can rely on when it comes to security. The first being self-imposed security (measures that you can take) and the second being external security (measures that we take).

For the first, you can always take simple but effective steps to ensure your security. These are things like making sure your password is strong, not logging into Cryptopay on a public device, and implementing two-factor authentication to name a few.

For the second, our wallet provider, BitGo, employs state of the art multisig technology to maintain the integrity of your funds. Additionally, our teams takes every measure possible to make sure your funds and data are safe.


Before concluding, let me ask two question about the recently introduced CPAY token. What function does it play within the Cryptopay system; What are the advantages for CPAY token holders and investors?

The first role that CPAY has been playing within Cryptopay is the fact that the money raised through it accelerated the growth of our service and has allowed us to begin development on our first ICO milestone, Bitcoin Brokerage and the main advantages of holding CPAY are no doubt the monthly revenue rewards.


Thanks to the Cryptopay team for kindly answering my questions. Remember to enter the Cryptopay Telegram chat if you have any additional questions to submit and naturally invite all readers interested in participating in the CPAY bounties chat, which made this interview possible: there are many opportunities to be seized.


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