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How to register and participate in the ICOBox ICO

Step by step guide to register and participate in the ICOBox ICO. Platform that will enable the meeting between Startup and investors.


Credits: ICOBox ICO.

ICOBox is a new platform that is born with the intent of supporting startups intending to launch their own ICO. This guide is intended to help you in the registration phase of ICOBox's website to invest in the ICO. Let's start right away.

Note save time. In the case you did not have time. Save this page in favorites and go back when you are more comfortable.

Sign up at ICOBox ICO

Click on the link https://icos.icobox.io. On the ICO website, click 'Sign Up' in the upper right corner (from the smartphone and iPhone click on the disappearing menu). A new tab opens. Enter the email and password in the registration box, confirm your password and check the terms and conditions. Click or touch 'Continue' and you're in.

- Enter the data for registration. -

Deposit and buy in 3 steps

The first step is to make the deposit of the planned investment. Allowed USD with $ 10,000 transfer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash.

From smartphones and iPhone, the 'Deposit' field is visible right away. From the computer is on the right menu.

- 'Deposit' from Smartphone and iPhone. -

Step two, deposit by choosing the digital currency. In the picture below I chose Ethereum. Click 'Get Address for payment', the system generates an address to make the deposit. The address is also generated as QR-CODE. Use the address to make the deposit, wait for the transfer of funds.

- Choose the coin and generate the address for the deposit. -

In the dark gray part, the value of 1 token is displayed at that time. In order to be able to buy at least 1 token, you must make a deposit equal to or higher than the indicated amount (see the image above).

Third step, the purchase. Received funds, click 'Buy' and choose the number of tokens you intend to buy. By ticking the box beside the text 'Spend all funds in your account to buy tokens', invest all funds one time and the system will calculate how many tokens you can buy.

First invest and less spend

Remember that like all ICOs, you first invested and less spend. Below is the ICOBox timing and the value of the single token.

  • From 15 August to 17 August (12:00), 1 token costs 0.01 BTC.
  • From 17 August to 1 September (12:00), 1 token costs 0.011 BTC.
  • From 2 September to 15 September (12:00), 1 token costs 0.012 BTC.

Website of ICOBox ICO: https://icos.icobox.io.


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