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Hashrate Zcash on Genesis Mining. 2 years contract, 0 fee and 3% discount

For Hashrate Zcash friends, on Genesis Mining 2 years contract, 0 fee and 3% promotional discount with coupon.


Photo credit: genesis-mining.com.

Good news for anonymous currency sympathizers, hashrate Zcash available on Genesis Mining. This time the cloud mining of Marco Streng was beaten by HashFlare, which one day in advance started the new race to the ZEC mining. Last year, Genesis announced that it would have supported Zcash since his birth on 28 October 2016.

How much does the Zcash hashrate cost on Genesis Mining?

The cost of Hashrate Zcash on Genesis Mining is shown in the following table. To know that next to the proposed contractual plans you can always choose the amount of Zcash hashpower you prefer: custom plan. The contract does not have maintenance costs, so 0 fee; the contract lasts 2 years.

Hashrate Zcash's prices on Genesis Mining

Contract nameHashratePrice
Starter25 H/s47,99 USD
Advanced250 H/s459 USD
Professional2.500 H/s4.399 USD

With the discount the hashrate Zcash is more enjoyable

By purchasing a hashrate Zcash contract, use the 6BEuQe promotional code you will be eligible for a 3% discount on the purchase. The code is valid on all purchases not only on the first; also applies to Ethereum, Monero and other cryptovalues available at cloud mining. Save the image below as a reminder and you will not miss the opportunity to have a discount that will result in higher earnings, shorter times.

The website: www.genesis-mining.com

- With the promo code the hashrate Zcash is more fun. -

Want to see Genesis Mining data centers?

Want to see Genesis Mining data centers? The following is the video they posted on their Youtube channel. Show how they make an efficient mining rig using very little space.


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