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Dash mining, limited supply on Genesis Mining, X11 mining

Make Dash mining, again possible on Genesis Mining, which provides a limited supply of X11 mining hash rate.


Credits: Genesis Mining.

If you are interested in Dash mining, this is the right time to do it on the Genesis Mining cloud mining. Available, limited edition, hash rate to do the X11 mining. Dash coin is the Digital Cash that it had so much talked about in the early months of the year due to the surge in the price of a short time from a few dollars to the current 169 USD (source: Poloniex). Exhausted hashpower in recent months, Genesis announces a new supply for investors.

Dash mining, limited supply on Genesis Mining

Dash uses the X11 algorithm that has little to do with energy consumption. Digital cash has a very interesting project with regard to its future development. Thanks to Masternode Dash, transactions take place instantly by making liquid payments as a credit card payment in Euro or USD. That's why the project is very much interested in the world of e-commerce and online merchants who can not wait for 10 minutes or more of Bitcoin to receive payments (in case of Bitcoin Network congestion and low transaction fees, even hours).

Mining dash, in economic terms, only has a cost of purchasing power. A Dash contract does not include maintenance costs and the contract lasts for 2 years. Read the table below.

Genesis Mining Dash Mining List (Hash rate X11)

Contract typeHash PowerPrice
Gemini5 MH/s30 USD
(3% discount if you use code 6BEuQe)
Ferox100 MH/s500 USD
(3% discount if you use code 6BEuQe)
Graviton500 MH/s2250 USD
(3% discount if you use code 6BEuQe)

If you want to make a purchase other than the packages listed in the price list, you choose the quantity you need just after registering on www.genesis-mining.com. Using the 6BEuQe Promotional Code, a 3% discount is applied to the price list. Example: Gemini 5MH/s costs 30 USD - 3% = 29.1 USD.

More Mega hash Dash buy and more is cheap

More mega hash Dash are bought and more convenient:

  • 5 MH/s = 6 USD/MH (5,82 USD with discount 3%);
  • 100 MH/s = 5 USD/MH (4,85 USD with discount 3%);
  • 500 MH/s = 4,5 USD/MH (4,365 USD with discount 3%).

And of course, the greater the savings in the longer buying phase will be the gain resulting from the Dash mining.

Video X11 mining farm Genesis Mining

The video below shows the assembly phases of the X11 mining farm Genesis Mining.


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