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BitcoinFunds becomes Golix, is the exchange of Zimbabwe

BitcoinFundi, Zimbabwe's exchange, has a new name: Golix. The company aims to become a digital currency company.


Credits: Golix.io.

I recently wrote about Zimbabwe's exchange, where bitcoin is between 6,000 and 7,000 USD. Well now it has changed its name and website from BitcoinFundi to Golix. To announce it on Medium Tawanda Kembo, a member of the company, with a dedicated press release.

Why from BitcoinFund to Golix

As stated in the statement, BitcoinFundi is the BitFinance platform launched in December 2014. Originally born as bitcoin exchange, the expansion of the currency market has pushed the company to open up to other criptovalutes. Hence the choice to change the company name to no longer be identified as 'bitcoin company' alone, but as a 'digital currency company'.

On Golix trading is open to bitcoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash and dash. The present pairs are as follows:


www.golix.io is the reference website.

Trading is limited in USD

Trading is limited in the sense that traded bitcoins in USD, the only way to get them off the platform is to open a current account at a Zimbabwe bank: you have to check if it is legally possible to do so.

The fact is that a bitcoin at $ 6,700, makes it so much to drink in the mouth.

From BitcoinFundi to Golix migration does not change anything for customers

Exchange migration from Bitcoin Fundi to Golix has not changed anything to customers who continue to sign up with the credentials they own before passing.


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