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The return of Ceto Beto Bitcoin faucet

Reopen the game Bitcoin faucet Ceto Beto. Reset all respect to the previous management, Ceto Beto starts almost from scratch. Here's how it works.


Credits: cetobeto.com

Ceto Beto, the game Bitcoin faucet, rising from its ashes. Miraculously it reopens thanks to a new owner who bought the game faucet platform. Kept active all the accounts of the previous management, but not the proceeds satoshi. Then it starts from scratch and with much lower premiums than before. We'll see how long Ceto Beto in the new version. Meanwhile, to register: www.cetobeto.com.

What does the new Ceto Beto

In the new version of Ceto Beto graphically change anything, everything remained the same. There are Daily Gift, Explore, Digging and Foods. Attack and missing the opportunity to gain from the sharing of content on social networks.

The very low capacity Ceto Beto just 80 satoshi and with a daily maximum of 576 satoshi. In short, with the new management of Ceto Beto really you earn little, but at least, hopefully, does not close soon rubbing some of the fans of the game, as was the case under the previous management. In fact, not all have been paid by the previous owner and the new management have been reset the last aggregated earnings.

The Ceto Beto remuneration is low because the new webmaster has no money. It expects to make from advertising to hand out to fans more abundant prizes.

In the coming months we will see the evolution of Ceto Beto. Meanwhile, welcome back. www.cetobeto.com.


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