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Mining Monero. Now can also on Genesis Mining, famous cloud mining

Genesis Mining now enabled mining Monero. The currency untraceable worth 20USD. Discover the discount code to undermine in economics.


Credits: genesis-mining.com

Mining Monero has become even easier. Genesis Mining, the famous cloud mining specializes in mining of the most profitable cryptocurrency, has just made available contracts for the mining of Monero. Contracts start at a base of 33.99 US dollars for 30 H/s.

If you're planning to invest in Monero, the site is www.genesis-mining.com. Remember to use the GenesisMining promo code to get discount: 6BEuQe. Now if you do not have time to write down the coupon code, save the page as a favorite or: download the memo with the discount code.

Mining Monero. The types of contracts available on Genesis Mining

Three basic contracts available on Genesis Mining for mining Monero:

GenesisMining contracts to undermine Monero

30 H/s900 H/s2700 H/s
$ 33.99$ 999.00$ 2899.00
2 year contract - NO maintenance fee
To join and learn more

Alternatively you can choose the amount of hashrate Monero favorite after sign up. The contracts are worth two years and are no running costs.

Monero, the cryptocurrency that respects your privacy

Monero is an anonimous cryptocurrency, capable of respecting the privacy of the person making the very most of Bitcoin transactions. Monero has a non-tracking mechanism that confuses those who try to understand where a transaction and where it is consignment. The system is called 'Ring Signature'. It conforms as a group of signatures that make use of the keys to your account and a number of public keys. The mechanism uses a triangulation method on blockchain of Monero. The public keys (called outputs) can be used multiple times to form possible participants of the transaction signatories. It is thus to form a ring of signatories in which all are equal and they can all be potential signatories. (Source: 'Moneropedia', https://getmonero.org).

Some economic data on Monero

Monero is the fifth cryptocurrency in the world by volume handling. 1 Monero is worth about 19.90 USD. The value has exploded in September 2016, when some internet sites have accepted the money as payment. The graph below summarizes monetary growth from 2014 to the present. (Source: coinmarketcap.com).

- Price Monero Chart -


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