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HashFlare reduces management costs on SHA-256 Bitcoin contracts

Meanwhile, the network is said to HashFlare scam? We find out who manages the cloud mining

HashFlare announces the decrease in management fees on SHA-256 contracts to undermine Bitcoin. The web is said to HashFlare scam.


Credits: pixabay.com - hashflare.io

The cloud mining company's HashFlare announced the reduction of operating costs on SHA-256 contracts. From the day Friday, February 10, 2017, the maintenance fee down to 0.0035 USD per 10GH/s hashpower owned.

Buy hashpower Bitcoin, at least as regards the operating costs, become more convenient. Meanwhile, the price of one Bitcoin is worth 958 dollars according to the poloniex.com site. In recent days the Bitcoin has once again broken through the 1,000 dollars value, touching 1,073 dollars on February 9.

Hashpower other resources available on HashFlare

Let the value of Bitcoin to his crazy swing and see what else offers the HashFlare platform, what other resources hashpower offers customers eager to invest in cryptomonete.

HashFlare: Hashrate sottocosto per tutto il 2017

Cloud miningHashratePrezzo
ETHASH (Ethereum)100KH/s$2.20
X11 (DASH)1MH/s$3.20
SHA-256 (Bitcoin)10GH/s$1.20

In the table, you may have noticed, the hashrate SHA-256 is placed at the bottom. It is a deliberate choice, because I personally consider investing in SHA-256 resources to undermine Bitcoin a bad investment. The difficulty of undermining Bitcoin grows in a dizzying manner with each update.

HashFlare scam?

Rumor has it that the web HashFlare scam. No, it's not a cloud mining scam. HashFlare is no scam, but owned by the HashCoins.com, company engaged in the development of a 360 ° blockchain technology. Among the ongoing projects, HashCoins in partnership with Emercoin, develops the ability to implement a public register of motor vehicles distributed on Emercoin network.


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