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  2. Giga Watt ICO has sold 11 million WTT token. A new way to do Bitcoin and Litecon mining

Giga Watt ICO has sold 11 million WTT token. A new way to do Bitcoin and Litecon mining

Giga Watt ICO sells over 11 million WTT token. The new model for Bitcoin and Litecoin mining convinces customers.


Credits: Giga Watt Inc.

Giga Watt ICO has sold 11,185,628 tokens since June 2, 2017, the ICO start date dedicated to a new way of doing Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum mining. Giga Watt Inc. is a company in the US dedicated for years to the mining of digital coins and with ICO opens its model to customers, providing them with a turnkey mining farm. Customers interested in making cripto currency mining, pay for energy and maintenance costs at the same price as a cloud mining and not as a final user. This is a big difference compared to other mining solutions.

With Giga Watt I could have a direct contact and the interview is available by reading the dedicated article: 'Giga Watt ICO. Interview with the innovative mining farm team'.

How does the Giga Watt ICO work?

1 WTT token represents 1 Watt of energy and is equal to 1 USD. Then the cost of 1 WTT token is 1 US Dollar. By purchasing tokens, you get a power output expressed in electrical power (1 WTT = 1 Watt). For example, if we want to buy a quantity of tokens equal to a mining unit like an ASIC S9 Miner, which consumes 1,323 Watts, it will use 1,323 WTT token.

The strength lies in the fact that I own the token owner that I can use to:

  • to do the mining of digital coins: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum;
  • renting to others the power I have acquired with tokens to get economic revenue, actually turning into a cloud mining;
  • sell token to someone else based on market value.

The contract duration is 50 years. If I do not sell tokens, over the age of 50 I can rent or exploit the power of mining to extract digital coins that will be born in the future. Alternatively, gain from commissions for validating transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain, Litecoin, etc.

Video from the mining farm

Below, the video showing the construction of one of the units where ASIC miners will be hosted, is called Giga Pod. In the video, to do by "Cicero", is Dave Carlson CEO of Giga Watt Inc.

The official ICO reference site is this: https://cryptonomos.com/wtt/.


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