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Genesis Mining 6BEuQe promo code. For Litecoin, X11, SHA-256

Genesis Mining promo code 6BEuQe. To undermine Litecoin, X11 algorithm digital coins and SHA-256. Use it and save on the purchase.


Credits: Genesis Mining - pyxabay.com

Genesis Mining promo code - 6BEuQe - you can use it to make purchases of hashpower Litecoin, hashrate X11 (Dashcoin) and SHA-256 (Bitcoin resources, Zetacoin, Unobtanium). Go on the official website of www.genesis-mining.com (there are no other official sites) and registered private area by activating the double authentication to prevent intrusions. The code gives the right to the maximum discount provided by the cloud mining Genesis Mining, equal to 3%. The discount code is always valid, so if after a first test purchase you want to use it again, you will again discount. I prepared a memo as an image, download it here. Keeps the image with the promo code and use it whenever you want. Remember to write uppercase and lowercase letters as shown: 6BEuQe.

Does it offer Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining can sign contracts to undermine Litecoin, Dashcoin, Zetacoin, Bitcoin and other digital currencies. The Litecoin contracts are the latest innovation from Genesis Mining launched at the beginning of 2017, partly as a result of the value of digital currency growth and by further updating the Litecoin Core.

Using the Genesis Mining promo code

Using the Genesis Mining promo code is very simple. Register on www.genesis-mining.com site, select the amount of Hashpower Litecoin or other hashrate you prefer. When you pass to the phase of payment, be careful where you enter to the top item on Genesis Mining voucher. Look at the image below for a visual explanation. Valid voucher and the discount is applied.

- How to use the Genesis Mining Code -


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