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Free Dashcoin with Minergate using your PC

How to get free Dashcoin, using the CPU and GPU of your PC or notebook, on the mining pool Minergate


Credits: pixabay.com - minergate.com.

It is the time of Dashcoin this. While undermining Bitcoin becomes increasingly difficult and the revenues on their investments are reduced to bone or worse, the Dash coin appreciates surpassing the 21.8 dollars (1 DASH = 21.8 USD. Source: www.poloniex.com). In the article you will discover how to earn free Dashcoin with Minergate using your PC but also your notebook. Proceed with order and find out first who is Minergate.

What is Minergate

Minergate is an international mining pool on which you can undermine many digital coins. In addition to Dashcoin, you are Monero, Bitcoin, Litecoin and many more. Unlike other mining pool, Minergate allows to undermine the most cryptocurrencies simultaneously, using the same hardware.

How do you use Minergate mining pool

Go on www.minergate.com site and register. From the top menu, go to the download page and download the version of the program according to your operating system.

Minergate supports all major operating systems: Windows 64bit and 32 bit, Mac, Ubuntu and Fedora. Download the software and follow the installation according to your operating system.

When download completes launches program to start the installation. Now open the newly installed software and click the center of the screen on "Start Smart Mining": the software will begin to undermine immediately for you (see picture below).

Set Minergate to undermine Dashcoin

Now that you've tried the Minergate operation on your PC, stop the mining and from the menu choose "MINER". In the list of crypto coins available, choose Dashcoin and start mining. Now you're undermining Dashcoin on Minergate.


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