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FaucetHub. Multi Faucet Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin

The multi Faucet cryptocurrency FaucetHub welcomes numerous faucet Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Discover how to earn more.


Credits: faucethub.io

FaucetHub is a multi faucet, that is, a faucet rotator similar to ePay. FaucetHub unites around itself faucets Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin, allowing users to merge the satoshi earned in one wallet. So it requires a single payment instead of hundreds: one for faucet. Designed by the same author of gamefaucet.com, you may be accessed at the web https://faucethub.io.

The multi faucet FaucetHub

FaucetHub is a multi faucet operation since November 2016. The faucet rotator FaucetHub has set up a fraud monitoring system to protect the platform, the owners of the faucet and the users themselves. In addition to the active cryptocurrency faucets, provides some games such as Turbo Lottery, Rock Paper Bitcoin, Bitcoin Rambo says. Games that you can win but also lose satoshi accumulated from various taps. Nourished list of taps for each cryptocurrency, in fact, the multi faucet welcomes:

  • 351 faucets Bitcoin.
  • 39 faucets Litecoin.
  • 64 faucets Dogecoin.

How to subscribe to FaucetHub

Subscribe to Facuethub is simple, just a valid email address. No further mandatory personal data and functions in complete anonymity, in the style that distinguishes the cryptocurrency. After recording leads to the platform with the user name chosen during registration and password.

Set the address to FaucetHub

Before using the various faucets of cryptocurrency, add an address for each digital cash. Hover the cursor or finger on 'User' and type of 'User Dashboard'. You are now in your account settings. Below you can find some general information on the progress of your earnings, divided by each digital currency. From the greenish color tab, choose the item 'Wallet Address'.

In the field 'Link a new address', add the address and choose the right cryptocurrency the corresponding drop-down menu. Now simply click on the green button 'Link this Address' and you're done. Repeat for all addresses that you choose to add. Unlike ePay, in this multi faucet addresses they are all still active, and from each one can receive simultaneously without limitations.

- Set addresses on FaucetHub -

Now you're ready to accumulate Bitcoin, litecoin and Dogecoin by FaucetHub faucets: https://faucethub.io.


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