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ePay faucet rotator Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum no commission

How to register and use ePay faucet rotator Bitcoin, Dashcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies. ePay does not ask for commissions.


ePay faucet rotator is a site where users can collect cryptocurrencies in one place and have them in one payment. This method simplifies the collection of digital currencies like Bitcoin, from single faucet on the web. ePay is a non-profit platform, does not require fees to users, the revenue is based on the present advertising in the platform pages.

On the faucet rotator are available dozens of faucets of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, litecoin, Dashcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Peercoin, Primecoin. To register and start earning free digital coins, go to the official site: www.epay.info.

How does ePay faucet rotator

The ePay faucet rotator platform is very simple. Once you register, enter an address relative to the currency you prefer. For example, if you want to collect Ethereum, from Ethereum faucets, generates an address from your wallet and go to the menu item 'Wallet Addresses'. Search 'Ethereum Addresses' and click on the green button 'Add Ethereum Payment Address'.

Advice. Use a single address for each currency. Although you can add more to single digital cash addresses, only one address can be in the active state.

- Adding address -

How to use the faucet of ePay

Registered address, from the menu choose 'Faucets list'. In front of you the iconographic list of all the faucets on ePay, divided by currency. Say you want to collect from satoshi Bitcoin Faucets. Click on 'Bitcoin Faucets'. On the next screen you can find the full list of active faucet of ePay. Click on 'Visit' next to each faucet and starts collecting satoshi free.

- Faucet divided by crypto currency on ePay -

Difference between a faucet rotator and a direct faucet

The difference between a faucet rotator as ePay and a direct faucet is in how we collect and send the user cryptomonete.

In the case of faucet rotator is a web platform to which are connected many faucets, even of different cryptomonete. All that we collect from the individual faucet connected to the platform, as ePay in this case, are collected in one place.

As regards the direct faucet, it is a single faucet and dedicated to a single coin. On it they collect the amount of coins established as for any type of faucet, in this case, the payment is sent directly into the user's wallet without intermediation.

Better a faucet rotator or a direct faucet?

When asked whether it is better a faucet rotator or a direct faucet, I reply that it is much better than the first system because the collection of digital currency is more rapid and massive. Organizing for good you can pick up good amount of cryptocurrencies day. Direct faucet remain valid and some of them have very interesting gain characteristics.


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