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Cloud Mining is convenient? Mining Dashcoin, cryptocurrency most profitable of the moment

Mining in a cloud mining is convenient? Not all crypto coins are convenient. Dashcoin is the most profitable of the moment.


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When you approach the world of cryptocurrencies for to invest in them, one of the first steps that you takes is to the knowledge of the cloud mining. We wonder whether it is profitable to invest in cloud mining indeed. The honest answer is that it depends. Mining Bitcoin has become too difficult and is perhaps better resign themselves to buy Bitcoins with a valid exchange. Other coins, such as the Dashcoin, can show a still profitable. The DASH is indeed jumped to 1500 US dollars in the past (source: poloniex.com) and now Genesis Mining offer a new Dash mining hashpower now 25% more efficient.

Use discount code 6BEuQe and go now on the official web site.

- Dash mining hashpower now 25% more efficient. -

What is a Cloud Mining

A cloud mining is a service that has computers dedicated to the extraction of digital coins (cryptocurrency) from the network. Serious companies are owners of supercomputers, manage them and monitor firsthand 24h/7d with specialized technicians. This makes the most efficient and high-performance resources of those who possess them privately (GPU and ASIC) because specialized professionals are working to make everything more and more powerful system. Have a stable internet connection, they are not penalized by power outages because equipped with auxiliary facilities. And not least, the facilities are located in areas of the planet's cold all year, drastically reducing energy costs for cooling the computer.

Cloud Mining is convenient?

Wrote this, there remains the question of whether to invest money in a cloud Mining is convenient. In many they think only ever to Bitcoin. There is not just Bitcoin, is not the only crypto currency can give results, indeed, undermine BTC is now not recommended: money down the drain. Better move crypto coins equally reliable alternative and growing, as the Dashcoin. Behind the currency DASH is a valid and solid design that can be hope investors.

Dashcoin. In which cloud mining invest?

There are two cloud mining of which you can trust and that offer investment plans to mining Dashcoin. They are HashFlare and Genesis Mining. The following are the tariff plans offered by the respective companies, reserved for those who are interested to invest in hashpower X11 to undermine Dashcoin.

Mining Dash coin on HashFlare

HashFlare proposes X11 contracts from 1MH/s without maintenance costs, pay only for the purchase of resources and that's it. 1MH/s costs 3.20 US dollars, less than 3 Euros and the contract has a term of one year. The amount of mined daily Dash coin is deposited into the platform. When you want you can pick it up. The reference site is www.hashflare.io.

Mining Dashcoin on Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining offers X11 contracts from 5MH/s, no additional maintenance costs. 5MH/s cost 30 US dollars, less than 30 Euro. The contract in this case has a duration of 2 years. In addition, using the promotional code 6BEuQe get an additional discount of 3%. The discount is still valid, even on subsequent purchases. The mined Dashcoin are sent daily at the personal portfolio, nothing remains on the platform. The reference site is www.genesis-mining.com.


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