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4.08% of Bitcoin annual guaranteed interests. Find out how to have them

How to get 4.08% of Bitcoin interest, depositing on the famous FreeBitcoin faucet. Find out how to earn more from BTCs.


You may be familiar with the Bitcoin FreeBitcoin faucet, now you can get 4.08% of guaranteed annual Bitcoin interest because it offers a new service to users that I'll briefly explain below.

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- 4,08% annual interests. -

4.08% of Bitcoin annual interest rates

FreeBitcoin as a faucet releases a certain amount of Bitcoin satoshi every hour: from a few satoshi to some millions. It has recently introduced the Bitcoin wallet service where it can leave satoshi and mature interest on Bitcoin. FreeBitcoin recognizes 4.08% interest on the deposited figure, starting with 30,000 satoshi. The calculation is made on a daily basis and is equivalent to 0.0109589% daily.

How to deposit Bitcoin on FreeBitcoin and earn interest

Since FreeBitcoin has become a Bitcoin wallet, you can use it as a portfolio to deposit the Bitcoins you own. On the sum of Bitcoin deposited, you earn 4.08% annual interest rates calculated on a daily basis. And here's how it goes.

- Click the blue button and generate address. -

Join FreeBitcoin. On the main page, at the top, click on the 'Deposit' green button. A small window opens (picture above), click the blue button 'New Deposit Address'. A new address is generated under 'Your Deposit Address' (see image below).

- Address to be used for deposits. -

The newly generated address will serve you to deposit the sums of Bitcoin you accumulate on the web. If you collect Bitcoin from other Faucets, provide this Bitcoin address. If you receive payments or get BTC in any other way, always provide this address and the Bitcoins will get your staff on FreeBitcoin to mature your wallet.

If you want to create a new BTC address, do the same.

Security on FreeBitcoin

Security on FreeBitcoin is guaranteed by an HTTPS connection. To access, use a password that must remain in your possession. Before you access, you must always resolve the question posed by the reCaptcha system, which helps to increase your account security. The site offers 2FA authentication: the double password to let us know. Go to 'Profile' to enable and maximize security (highly recommended).


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