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Where mining DASH coin and get 1% interest for the immediate

Are you interested in mining DASH coin, but do you want more? Learn how to get 1% of immediate interests, reading the tutorial.


Credits: pixabay.com

DASH coin is among the most interesting digital coins scene. Its development team continues to expand and update the Core of the project, and in February will be available the new software updated with some news. Where mine DASH coin? There really is a platform where I can deposit my DASH and get 1% interest for the immediate? The answer to both questions is yes. Let's find out together in the short guide.

Where mine DASH coin

To mine DASH coin you can rely on mining cloud, companies that have super energy-efficient computers, capable of mining DASH with minimal expenditure of resources, and the maximum gain. Not all mining cloud are secure, there are a couple that provide all the requirements of reliability, security and safety. Both provide hashrate X11 to mine DASH coin.

Genesis Mining is a world leader "extraction" from the Internet network of crypto currencies. It was the first company to make a Bitcoin transaction between Earth and space. X11 purchases contracts from 30 dollars getting 5MH/s. The greater the number of MH/s bought more convenience, as you can see in the table below. The agreements are without maintenance fees, have a duration of two years. You can pay in Dollar, Euro and with Bitcoin.

Hashpower X11 Genesis Mining

Contract fromPrice ContractCost to 1 MH/s
5 MH/s30 USD6 USD MH/s
100 MH/s500 USD5 USD MH/s
500 MH/s2250 USD4,5 USD MH/s


HashFlare is Estonia's mining cloud, very popular in Eastern Europe and known throughout the world. Among the various Internet currencies, it has dedicated to DASH coin X11 resources. The list price is fixed, 1 MH / s costs 3.20 USD. The agreement is without maintenance fees, it has a term of one year. You can pay in Euro and with Bitcoin.

How to get 1% interest on DASH coin

At the opening of the guide I wrote about the possibility of getting a 1% interest on DASH coin. After being mined, or if you have amount of DASH at your disposal, get 1% of the immediate interests on gate.io. Depositing the crypto coin on platform automatically interest is recognized and accredited.

An excellent opportunity if you are a miner DASH, because you just take the DASH address provided by gate.io and add in the mining cloud platform. Every time it releases the amount of mined DASH, is credited gate.io and added 1% automatically. On gate.io have the advantage of being able to change the crypto currency Bitcoin, and many other digital currencies. Register and find out more.


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