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Where to download the wallet Zcash? Here are the best

Where can I download the wallet Zcash? What is the best? Article discover all the possible solutions, for geeks and users.


Foto: pixabay.com - z.cash

You're looking for the wallet Zcash. The official wallet of crypto currency Zcash find it on z.cash. Before jumping to the site, I would like to explain that the official wallet of Zcash, Zcash Sprout, is only available for Linux, and without a GUI. This means that you have to be a connoisseur of Linux-based operating systems to install and use it. Furthermore a minimum of 4GB of RAM is required to generate the Zcash transactions. This is the good solution for the experts.

We see the possible alternatives, valid for all.

Where to download the wallet Zcash

As client downloaded to your device, especially PCs and notebooks, there are various solutions available in the GitHub repository. What guarantees of security and stability provide not know. Cookpit IU Wallet and Wallet Desktop GUI are some examples.

Let the solutions for geeks and we see the applications best met and easy to use. Jaxx.io is a software available for desktop and mobile devices (Android, iOS, Windows Phone). Downloaded the application, registers and make Zcash transactions and other crypto currencies supported. I do not know the reliability of the software development companies.

If you want to play it safe, Cryptonator is a wallet Zcash on line, multi-coin on which store the cryptocurrency safe. The site is also a money changer, offers the possibility to buy Zcash and make changes between digital currencies. Registration asks only a valid email address, other personal data are not required. Passing through this linknk you will receive $10 free bonus on first change of currency.


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