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The Mining Pool BW.com reset commissions for miners

BW becomes a mining pool zero commissions. Reset the PPS rate as of 24 December 2016. Find out how miners can join.


With an announcement of December 23, 2016 published on its platform, BW reset commissions for miners. The PPS rate rose from 1% to 0%. The reduction to 0 in commissions is effective from December 24, 2016 and wants to be a signal of renewed commitment on the part of the mining pool BW towards the cryptocurrencies market, particularly the Bitcoin. Good news for the miners who see reduced costs to mine BTC.

In the same press we learn that BW, in its two years of existence, has accumulated 9,500 Bitcoin blocks, 38,000 Litecoin blocks and 190,000 Ethereum blocks. This was made possible thanks to the support of miners from all over the world.

The energy efficiency work continues in BW, to make the service more low-cost. In addition, the team of mining pool works to maintain high standards of stability.

Who is BW?

BW is a Chinese company founded by young entrepreneur Chandler Guo. BW is both a mining pool, a mining cloud and even an interest-bearing portfolio in Bitcoin.

The miners who have their own hardware can connect to the mining pool by registering to the service.

Investors planning to buy hashrate 0.23BTC pay for each TH/s purchased. The daily fee for each TH/s are 0.26 cents of US dollar. The resources can be purchased on the official website.

The Bitcoin holders who have need to store them in a safe place and at the same time to earn stable interest over time, BW are an exciting opportunity. The platform has an interest-bearing portfolio in Bitcoin, safe, that recognizes the 6,6% interest per year. Interest is accrued daily. To register click here.


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