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Genesis Mining opens Litecoin. Hashpower Litecoin already available

The miners can mine Litecoin on cloud mining platform: discover the prices

Genesis Mining makes available hashpower litecoin. Investors and miners can mine Litecoin on cloud mining platform.


Credits: Genesis Mining.

Genesis Mining opens Litecoin. The cryptomoney in recent weeks has increased greatly its value to over 0.005 BTC. GM mines Litecoin with dedicated ASIC hardware, installed at the mining farm owned by the group. Hashpower litecoin is available on cloud mining platform for investors interested in the second cryptocoin in history. Litecoin leverages scrypt algorithm for capitalization is the second cryptocurrency in the world. The interest in it has grown in the past few days, for the launch of the new version of the core (January 11, 2017). Many of the important innovations, among others the possibility of supporting 70% more transactions.

How to mining litecoin on Genesis Mining

To mine litecoin on Genesis Mining, Sign Up on the website (if you already registered use your login credentials). Go to the "Upgrade Hashpower" and choose the amount of hashpower litecoin according to your investment intentions. During the subscription phase of the contract, do not forget to use the 6BEuQe coupon codede to get a discount of 3%. Retains the discount code also for future contracts: it is always valid ( download the discount code reminder). The contract has a term of two years and there are no maintenance fees and additional management.

The price list of hashpower litecoin is shown in the table below. Three plans envisaged: Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Alternatively you can choose a different amount from packages in the reserved area.

Prices litecoin on Genesis Mining

Contract typePriceQuantity
Gold28 USD2 MH/s
Platinum650 USD50 MH/s
Diamond2400 USD200 MH/s


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