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Dogecoin loses value. That's where change them getting 1% of the deposit

Why the Dogecoin loses value? Two factors to consider in the analysis. Let's see where change them getting 1% of the deposit.


Last year Dogecoin have lost enormously in value, rising from 137 satoshi Bitcoin of 28 January 2016 to a low of 19 satoshi Bitcoin of 4 January 2017. This was a record low for DUKE, never so low. In recent days, aided by the sharp depreciation of the Bitcoin (after the historical record of 1159 USD has fallen below USD 800), the DUKE have taken some share. That still leaves the downtrend. (Data source: poloniex.com)

Because Dogecoin lose value?

There are a couple of factors that may be useful to consider, in order to justify the sharp depreciation of the Dogecoin.

Factor number one. Note Mining pool BW.com, until the first half of November 2016, claimed Dogecoin lavishing to clients who deposited the crypto currency with annual interest of 3.65%. BW had in the 'belly' hundreds and hundreds of millions of Dogecoin. Back in the willingness of investors and the market, liquidity has increased, at the same time, no longer able to earn on interest, investors preferred to change.

Factor number two. The Dogecoin does not have a ceiling of coins to be produced. Currently there are 107,695,747,149 DOGE (Source: coinmarketcap.com) outstanding: an astronomical amount! This whole currency inflates the value and the digital currency tends to depreciate.

Dogecoin loses value. That's where change

What to do then the Dogecoin that loses value? A possible solution is to get rid of it before it loses more value, using these days to strengthen, to exchange them for Bitcoins. This will prevent further loss of capital and to take 'belly' a currency that is giving very negative signals from one of its market value perspective.

To take advantage of the change of Dogecoin in another digital currency, you should do it on gate.io. On this exchange platform, you get a 1% DOGE deposit. Example: deposits 10,000 DOGE, get 100 DOGE deposit. Upon return, you can count on 10,100 DOGE. More Dogecoin have to deposit greater amounts you earn. This way you contain budgets and losses on currency devaluation. In addition, through this link, seize a special promotion that reduces by 10% dealing fees for the next six months.


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