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Bitcoin faucet game Ceto Beto is on sale

The heir of Donaldcoin closes its doors? Officially on sale

Ceto Beto, the most famous web game faucet is on sale. There will be someone to buy it? Or close it down?


Credits: Cetobeto.com

It has just been put on sale the Bitcoin Faucet Game Ceto Beto. On user home page shows the message '(On Sale)'. Ceto Beto is on sale. Moreover, as long as there will be a shop, the satoshi generator has been "stopped". This means that when Ceto Beto is no longer active. Among other things it does not allow users to make withdrawals. Officially, the withdrawals page, it is reported that the withdraw is stop for the next 24 hours due to the slowness of the Bitcoin network. This is the site: www.cetobeto.com.

The heir of the family Donaldcoin

Ceto Beto is (maybe was) the sole heir of the faucet game Donaldcoin family. A series of game Bitcoin faucet connected together, which allowed users to collect interesting amount of satoshi Bitcoin.

That the game faucet was in trouble it was understood several months ago, when the generator started to always release less amount of satoshi times. Also various awards and related games, including Explore and Foods, have released decreasing returns over time: A "Attack" in Foods initially worth 600 satoshi, now 180 satoshi.

What will become of Ceto Beto?

Many will wonder what will become of Ceto Ceto. In particular, users are wondering if they ever will be paid. Even admitting that presents a buyer, the new owner will be willing to charge users of the previous administration? These are questions which for the moment remain unanswered.


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