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Trading with zcash on the European Exchange CEX.IO

Four new pairs to trade with zcash on the European Exchange CEX.IO. Here ZEC also buys with credit and debit cards.


Credits: cex.io.

Trading with zcash is available on the European CEX.IO platform. To announce it on October 2, Paige Peterson of Zerocoin Electric Coin Company, with a post on the official blog. For the zcash team this addition is important because CEX.IO allows European customers to buy ZEC with credit and debit card, an option so far not available in the big exchange scene, learns from the post.

Trading zcash with 4 new pairs

As announced by CEX.IO CEO Alex Lutskevych, the exchange immediately launches four new pairs to trade with zcash. The pairs are:


Lutskevych believes the zcash coin has strong promises of growth for the future. Mostly, the implementation of greater privacy in the Internet money protocol seems like.

To trade with zcash, using credit cards and bank account: www.cex.io.

CEX.IO market

Born in 2013, it has a million registered users. It operates in Europe and the US, where customers from 24 countries are served. He was among the first to welcome the exchange of bitcoin cash against dollar and euro.


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