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Ethereum mining makes 120%, Dash mining 130% for HashFlare

Making the mining Ethereum makes 120% and mining Dash makes it 130%, it notifies HashFlare known European cloud mining.


Credits: hashflare.io.

HashFlare, the European cloud mining service, unveils the hashrate yield data on the most profitable cryptocurrency of the time. Profitability prediction is mainly based on the value of individual currencies, this is the table:

  • Mining of Bitcoin give back (SHA-256) 120%.
  • mining of Litecoin give back (Scrypt) 160%.
  • mining of Ethereum give back 120%.
  • mining of Dash give back 130%.

HashFlare 5% discount for Sunny Day

On Sunny Day, HashFlare offers customers a 5% discount on purchasing any type of hashrate. Promotion is only valid until May 15, using the HF17MAYDISC5 discount code. The official site is www.hashflare.io.


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