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HashFlare. On Valentine invest in digital coins costs 20% less

Voucher HashFlare during Valentine's Day. Investing in digital coins is cheaper thanks to the feast of love.


Credits: HashFlare.

The cloud mining company's HashFlare wishes happy Valentine's Day to all, but also good Friend's Day. In Estonia on February 14 is the day of friendship. For the occasion, HashFlare, releases a special discount for buying hashpower 20%. The voucher HashFlare is valid until February 24, to buy scrypt resources, SHA-256, X11, Ethash.

Passing through this link related to the promotion, you will enter the official website HashFlare. When purchasing be sure to use the voucher HashFlare: HF17LOVE20. In this way, what you save on the purchase, you can use on this day dedicated to lovers, while HashFlare will think to make you earn digital coins for your financial future.

Investing in digital coins costs less with HashFlare

Check out the chart below for an example of what savings compared to the standard price, if you take advantage of the inviting suffered voucher HashFlare and invest in digital coins.

HashFlare: Voucher Valentine 2017

Cloud miningHashrateStandard priceDiscounted price
ETHASH (Ethereum)100KH/s$2.20$1.76
X11 (DASH)1MH/s$3.20$2.56
SHA-256 (Bitcoin)10GH/s$1.20$0.96


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